hey, beautiful!
I'm  jess.

I'm a photographer for 

all women.

If you're looking for the ultimate hype-girl, your newest friend and someone who can make you feel like the absolute smoke show that you are, slow your scroll girl, you came to the right place. 

Meet your newest photog BFF...

What my photoshoots are like

I know you want to know exactly what makes these shoots so laid-back and let me tell you the number one reason: It's because of me! I pride myself on being chill, fun and easy to work with. I'll be your hype girl and guiding force during your entire session. I use poses to guide you in looking natural and I even get down there with you and show you exactly what to do.

Most important: This session doesn't bring any pressure. That means your comfort is my top priority. There's no pressure to be nude, to show any more skin than you want, to change in front of me, to post your images on social media, ANYTHING. I'm here for YOU. 

I  love where this journey has brought me.

Why I do what I do. 

Can you believe that I actually started in Emergency Medicine Support before I became a photographer? Life is so weird, and unexpected but I firmly believe that I ended up where I am supposed to be.  Let's start from the very beginning... 

Like many women, I've  struggled with body image and mental wellness. I remember the first time someone told me I should lose weight. I remember the first time someone made me feel like I was worthless. I remember not feeling worthy of love after a failed, abusive marriage. I felt so alone for so many years. I had no idea that other women were having the same experiences as me and  I didn't know that anyone else felt the same. After aligning myself with likeminded people,  I realized the things I felt were so much more common than I believed. And that's where my healing began. 

When I started shooting intimate shoots like boudoir, I started diving deep with women into the reasons they felt insecure during their shoots and most commonly, it was the exact same reasons I felt insecure myself. 

In 2021 I shot more boudoir than ever before, and I decided I needed a larger platform to reach women and talk about real issues that were on our hearts. Wilde Honey has been a wild ride, but I'm so glad I was able to create a community for both timeless boudoir experiences and women's empowerment. I will continue to make a safe place for women to feel empowered and comforted. 

my  favorite  things

The office  Parks + Rec 

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Best book I've read:

The People We Keep



My drink of choice is...

Moscow Mules! Something about those copper mugs. MMM.

The best part of my day

Waking up to my kids' happy little faces! Never gets old...
Or my morning coffee, they're about equal ;)

My fur babies

Sadie the pit
Scooby the dalmation
Arya (mama kitties)
Khal (wittles)
Rey (Peanut)

" I’m in awe. I didn’t even know I could feel this beautiful again. "

"When I arrived at Jessica's studio she made all my nerves disappear"

- Ashley K.

- Allyson B.

expert hair and makeup artist 

Meet Isabelle

xoxo Isabelle 

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