I'm a believer in real beauty. You won't find airbrushed skin and flawless bodies here. I work with real women to create a unique experience that you'll leave feeling incredible. This season that you're in is so important to embrace, so let's work together and show that beautiful body of yours some appreciation. 

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Here for all women

Hey, I'm Jess

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Years in business

Wilde Honey started as a dream to make a business for women to feel safe, supported and most of all: in love with who they are today. Most of my boudoir sessions over the last few years ended up being so cathartic for my clients and I had so many girls come back again and again because 


women I've worked with


times my boudoir work has been published


Years of learning to be a badass


the experience was something they felt like they needed to heal. You won't find retouched bodies, air brushed skin, or perfect models here. You're getting real, authentic women who want to love themselves. I'm so glad you're here to experience this with us. 

I'm a women with stretch marks. curves and skin dimples. I love those imperfections because they make me real. And I want you to love everything real about you. Boudoir is meant to empower you in whatever way you want it to. I want you to see yourself in the season that you're in now and fall in love with her. She deserves it. 

Your photos are so much more than beauty standards

for all women.

" I’m in awe. I didn’t even know I could feel this beautiful again. "

"When I arrived at Jessica's studio she made all my nerves disappear"

- Ashley K.

- Allyson B.

The Wilde Girls


Wilde girls is a brand ambassador program that includes real life women who exemplify the women empowerment movement. 

You can stop looking...
you found your photographer!

I'm a Metro Detroit boudoir photographer who believes that real is best. You can count on me to be your hype-girl, your confidant, and your number one fan.

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